"she is a mermaid on dry land and the world is her ocean" - j.ironword

Inspired by the sea, Callypso is a brand of swimwear, that wants to affirm all the pure feminity, the natural beauty and sensuality that every women posesses, in any type of body.

We belive in simplicity, and our collections are made to enrich and celebrates the individuality of each and every women, with designs that makes them feel as real mermaids in land, with self-confidence, beauty and elegance.

In addition to women’s beauty, Callypso has two other major concerns: quality and environmental sustainability.

Our fabrics are made with recycled fibers or made with waste plastic removed from the ocean (mainly fishing nets from the fishing industry).

Callypso is concerned about our ecological footprint and what it causes to all innocent living beings, so we also intend donate a percentage of sales of certain models to associations and institutions that care for marine animals in distress of extinction.

We want to connect human beings to inspire actions that will positively impact our communities, our earth, and our oceans.

We aren't just a swimwear brand, we are a way of living and being.